Prayers to Be Lyrics
all songs public domain, no rights reserved

1 - All Yeshua
And You lift up the oppressed, through You the poor become Blessed
And Beelzebul You defeat, he is but dust at Your feet
Your eyes are wild with Love, passionate Fire from Above…Yeshua, All Yeshua

2 - Brux
Free me, Keep me, teach me…You
Free me I locked myself in a box, got the key but the lock is outside, and I don’t like it in here, it’s not funny anymore, I want out.  let me out.  let me out.  please…Free me

3 - Fattened Frothing Swine
In Jesus Name I prey….on you

4 - El
baal our god will fall away, whose name is lust, adultery
mammon god will fall away, whose name is riches, luxury
beelzebul will fall away, whose name is sin, slavery
heaven and earth will pass away but You live on!
our greed You take away, our lust You take away
our sins You take away, our friends will fade away, our logic fades away but You live on!
El Elyon!
Your Love come down today, Your Truth, Your Justice, Your Healing, Your Power, Your Mercy, Your Glory come today, Your Will be done today, in Jesus name i pray, vanity of vanities all is vanity but You live on, You live on!  El Elyon!

5 - I’m Free  by Milton Brunson

6 - Oh Sunderer of darkness
i see Your reverent shadows of grey come near, serenity graces Your every essence
the engulfing presence gently brushes my fear, then allows it past my enchanted presence
as most normally do i commonly flee,seeking shelter in my artificial home
then i watch You from glass windows distantly, yet tonight i rest out here with You alone
the gentle touches of Your glistening rain, the thoughtful caresses of Your loving wind
wash away memories of yesterday’s pain, and whisp away doubts burning deep within
Your radiant flames rush upon these bound lands, the pounding waves of sound roll in from above
oh sunderer of darkness to unchain hands, filling caves of my soul with immortal Love.

7 - Hideaway
alone enough to pray to my Love today
kiss the world away let it die today, my Hideaway
touch me deep inside where no lover finds
keep me by Your side i just want to hide, in my Hideaway.

10 - Flood Me, Burn Me