Sya A Ku Lyrics
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1 - Unsanitaries

throw me in the trash can, the one place that i can, stand free from your sanitizing, the only freedom you'll ever bring...(as you go happily nodding on) unsanitaries          i'm a horse smackin heroine   don't ask where i have been   hiding under violins of various degrees   (nodding on...)   it keeps me from slidin in your sanity that won't let in unsanitaries livin in some "false realities"  (nodding on...)  so kiss me once before i fly  far from your clear white sky   why don't you ask me why   your crystal guns shot me  (nodding on....)    suck on your nationwide corporate lie that society is safe inside its apathy   suck for a bag of joy,  suck for a hit of greed,  you better start cheekin kid those seeds might spread the disease you gave us  unsanitaries.

2 - We are all lepers here

we are all lepers here overcome by our fear of pain let us remain....numb
too real we can not feel our hands already froze holding our bloodless hearts ...dear
pumping liquified apathy through our veins hands frozen to heart now we can hold
nothing else but the soothing lack of pulse still beating us we are all lepers here
take us to the underground where i know You are found i fear we're goin sane way up here
this is where we long to be insane unsanitaries
hated by all thos hating (the Way and Truth and Life)
Flood us with Fire consume with Your raging Waters to keep us breathing give us Your feeling
Flood us with Fire consume with Your raging waters to keep us bleeding (breathe Life)

3 - El

4 - Immanuel

Immanuel ...i left You again...i know...then i ran away...found some lazy greed to gnaw for today...ran away with lies..then they ran away from me and left me alone in my i said take me Home....and You said okay....why.....are You still here?  even though i leave You ...You never leave me ...You always Love me...You always .....stay Immanuel....i hurt You again i know....i invite You in...then i threw You out ...again... i know...i ran away to hide...even though i need You to stay with me for i'm all my i said take me Home...and You said okay....why....are You still here?  selah     ......Immanuel......

5 - Walk with me

you grew up on fists and penetrations your father and brother tore you within
but your still alive now here on the sidewalk six tricks for twelve hits to silence that day
wake up wake up....walk with me
come on and get up now come on and walk it off if you don't keep movin you'll never wake up again
wake up wake up...walk with me
curled in the corner blue lips quiver eyes rolled back numb and still
you grew up on treats and fine pleasantries your father and mother taught you to be sweet
barely alive now cradled in false talk six nights to play and one to pray
wake up wake up