"...Psalters put on a show, a word that nigh seems insufficient for what they do, so confrontational, participatory, joyful and exorcistic of a deep wellspring of existential pain that they may have no peers.

Their headlining tour mates come close, but Psalters forsook Celtic influence for more Middle Eastern and Eastern European minor key vibe. And, with the occasional psychedelic electric guitar squall, spoken word vocal samples and industrial touches, they spill over from the Greene'sters' "aggressive acoustic" tag. With the aforementioned musical elements, lyrics & imagery slideshow  on a wall aside the stage, maelstrom of dance-ability and apparently anarchist-pacifist interpretation of scripture, Psalters put me in mind of no less an act than England's mysterious, Eastern Orthodox/Catholic-leaning Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus. 

That's high praise, but so is blowing my mind. We in the audience especially enjoyed  being part of the chorus of copper chimes to accompany one song. The lead singer with thick beard and John The Baptist-like suit of torn, rough material made for a commanding, almost prophetic front presence.

If my sister and her husband ever have an anniversary party for themselves with the same lame disc jockey as on their wedding night, I only need recall the fun and fury of this ecstatic night...and dance with myself in my own head, if not on the supper club floor."
Jamie Lee Rake 2/27/2005